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Metric v belt pulley UK manufacturers, classic v belt Ireland producers, v belt Nederland wholesalers-Europe rubber v-belts pulley India suppliers.

Calidad V Correas Intercambiable Para Fabricantes Europa

HIC Universal V-fabricado cinturones, textil, papel de arroz molino unidad V cinturones de pix sustituido por las industrias de Buenos Aires-Santa Fe-Argentina-, Bogotá-Medellín-Cali-Colombia, Guayaquil-Ecuador, la India.

Sin HIC Universal V-Belt industriales exportados a Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador

  • De caucho a prueba de calor hic ABCDE-FHP V-belts para el tabaco-en papel-arroz-textil-molinos de harina de motores
  • Ahorro de espacio cuña cinturones SPA-SPB-SPC-SPZ tamaños vbelts para centrífugas-metalurgia de acero, el azúcar y el molino de la maquinaria
  • V-Cog cinturones Ax-Bx-Cx pesados correas dentadas de platino minería, fábricas de algodón, maquinaria motores de automóviles
V Correas calidad, no de discrepancia!

HIC Universal marca V-cinturones son fabricados con la calidad continua y la investigación desarrollo, producido en ultra moderna planta ubicada en la India, con maquinaria moderna de alta calidad equipos y ensayos a cargo de los obreros cualificados dedicados vigor sustituyendo a las BS, DIN, Normas de calidad ISO.

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HIC India Metric Classic V Belt and Pulley Manufacturers: Ireland Nederland UK Europe Produced Pulleys Sprockets Quality Replacement

Europe cogged metric v-belt pulleys suppliers trust HIC manufacturers quality replacement to metric v belt UK manufacturers, classic v belt Ireland producers, v belt Nederland manufacturers, v belt pulley China wholesalers, rubber v-belts and taper lock pulley exporters in UK India, chain sprockets, micro v-belt, wedge belts, banded belts, v belt cross reference section sizes importers of UK, Ireland, Nederland buy from India exporter, HIC International Co.

Metric V Groove Pulley

Unparalleled HIC Universal SPZ SPA SPB SPC A B C D 3PK 4PK 5PK 6PK V Belts And Taper bush Pulleys Exported to UK, Ireland, Nederland

  • Metric hic v-belt cross reference sizes for SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC metric wedge wrapped v-belts manufactured up to 10,000 mm Pitch Length for use in centrifugal motors drive, agitators application. Cogged metric v-belts also produced, also called wedge metric belts, that transmits approximately double the horsepower classic belts with the same top and bottom dimensions.
  • Classical hic Wrapped conventional v belts like Classic A section v-belt dimensions, classic B section v-belt dimensions, classic C section belt dimensions, imperial D section v-belts dimension, classic imperial E section vee belt sizes, conventional Z section size belts manufactured up to 600 inch Inside Length for use in heavy duty electric motors drive, pulper, fans application. Cogged classical v-belts AX, BX, CX also produced, that transmits approximately 30% more the horsepower conventional plain profile v-belts with the same top and bottom dimensions. Narrow v-belts also produced in both classic sections and wedge metric profile, for drives type requiring higher horsepower but a compact design belt drive where space limits and weight issues are concerned.
  • Poly v hic Automotive v-ribbed belt 3PK, 4PK, 5PK, 6PK, 7PK, 8PK manufactured in K section where P denotes Effective Length in mm, for superior power transmission having added flexibility, producing a cooler running belt with exceptionally tight pulley grip thus extended belt life service applications.
  • Taper Lock hic V-belt pulleys manufactured in pulley sizes for drive belt classic and metric section Z/ SPZ, A/SPA, B/SPB, C/SPC dual duty, D, E, from Pitch circle diameter pulley from 50 mm to 1250 mm PCD and sheaves or belt grooves 1 to 12 multiple grooves pulley as per number of belts to be driven. Taper lock bushes for belt pulley as spare sizes 1008 to 5050 also manufactured and supplied with pilot bore fixings pulley or finished bore sizes pulley suitable up to 125 mm max bore.
  • Roller Chain Sprockets manufactured Triple, Double, Single up to 2 inch chain pitch up to 20 inch diameter sizes chain sprocket wheels made of mild steel.
Metric Timing Pulley

Stretch-Free Quality V Belts and Taper Lock Pulleys, No Discrepancy !

Exporters of HIC make UNIVERSAL brand power transmission drive rubber v belts, taper lock v belt pulleys, drive chain sprockets superseding relevant IS, BS, DIN quality standards v belt and taper lock pulley produced in ultra-modern factory at New Delhi and UP-Ghaziabad ISO 9001 certified factories of India, electric motor drive belt and pulley to Nottingham UK, West Midlands UK, West Sussex England, Craigavon Northern Ireland, Holland Netherlands, Mumbai Maharashtra India, Ahmedabad Gujarat India, Nagpur Vidarbha Maharashtra India, Delhi India, and other cities electric motor gearboxes suppliers-importers-exporters of India, UK, Netherlands, Ireland.

Classical V-Belt Pulley with hub Pilot boreRoller Chain Sprocket

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ISO Certified HIC International Company India


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